Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The theme was Michael Jackson-all the dances were choreographed to MJ. music (Thriller, I'll Be There, Man in the Mirror, Rockin' Robin, just to name a few). . .
You might have to click to see the darling little blond girl that stole the show, ha ha!

This past weekend we had a 'Family Frenzy', all weekend long was spent with our kids, and grand kids, (20+ of us) and squeezing as much eating and fun in as we possible could. . .It was really the first weekend that the weather has been great. Everyone was outside soaking in the 'rays' as much as possible (we had to doctor a few sunburned arms and faces). . .For my Tuesday Unwrapped, I wanted to share my pictures from our granddaughter's dance recital. . .sooooooo adorable!!!!!


  1. too cute! i had about 14 years of dance recitals growing up! and i hope in the next year or so i can enroll my little 2 year old in dance. :) your granddaughter is beautiful - she looks like she's enjoying every minute of it!

  2. Oh that brings back memories, my daughter was in lots of dance recitals. Very cute!!