Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day # 2. . .of the challenge

Day 2 wasn't  a typical 'gift giving' day, I didn't give a gift all wrapped with a bow,
but instead I spent a couple hours attending a funeral of a friend's father!
This was a rather hard thing to do, because my own Mom's funeral
doesn't seem that long ago, and is still pretty tender!
At first I just planned on attending the viewing and then sending my condolences
via card or a phone call. . .
It was also difficult because I had to go alone (not fun at all)!
But then I thought of how much it meant to me, to have support at a time
like this.   I came away very grateful for our friendship and realizing
that a gift doesn't have to be something material at all, it can be 'simply'
 sharing yourself!

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