Monday, August 9, 2010

Shutter Styles. . .Outdoor Wednesday

You have to love the 'character' that shutters give to
any structure!
Imagine these same houses minus the shutters, they would
certainly lose much of their charm and curb appeal.
I really like the combination of shutters and wrought iron,
Personality plus. . .
(Various unknown photographers)
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  1. All these shutters are very pretty. I love seeing them on houses. It just gives them a dressed up appearance. It looks as through these were all selected for the right house.

  2. The yellow and blue ones look so cheerful. My favorite would be the third photo of the burgandy ones. olive

  3. I love shutters on houses! They all look wonderful!

  4. I love shutters. I have even brought them inside. Just framed a mirror with them.

  5. Shutters just make a house look like a vintage home. Each of these places you posted look so cozy and inviting to go in to visit.
    Joyce M

  6. Wow! Love the shutters! Great pictures.


  7. Oh I love the photos! Those shutters are beautiful and just add so much to a house! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your lovely comment!