Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall . . .2010. . .and 'Met Monday'

Time for fall decor, can I just say, "I love fall colors"!
This rusted urn was filled with summer annuals
but they were pretty well spent, so time for a metamorphosis!
It now sits by our front door and is happy to be home to
some faux bounties of harvest!
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  1. Your urn looks wonderful all gussied up for fall!

  2. This looks wonderful, I'd love to have it at my house. This is a great use for an urn.

  3. this looks great.
    'did you make it?

    give us a tutorial, please and then do link it up with us here so our readers can find you too.

    new diy craft tutorial party every wednesday, so hopefully see you online regularly!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous display! I love everything you've done! Happy Fall! Xo ~Liz

    P.S. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog post today! *smile*

  5. Thank-you Rose, for the kind words and I will try to join in your craft party soon! It sounds very fun!

  6. Your urn looks wonderful all done up for fall!


  7. Fall decoration isn't really something we do here in the UK so I love to see how people over the pond do theirs. Although come Halloween and there will be pumpkins etc.. around but that isn't really until the end of the month, I certainly haven't seen any here yet. Mind you it is like a Summers day here today after all the rain the last few days. I have doors and windows open to let the fresh air and warmth from the sun in as I am sure there won't be many days like this. I love all the Autumn colours and your Urn looks beautiful and I like the angle of the photograph. Happy Fall and thank you for the comment on my blog, Jackie, Surrey UK.