Tuesday, August 23, 2011

London Bridge did FALL down. . . .Outdoor Wednesday #137

This is a photo taken of London Bridge in its former
glory. . .in London

And this is the reconstructed 
in Lake Havasu, Arizona as it is today!

Still beautiful but the background is not quite
19th Century London!
As we walked across the bridge I had a 
feeling for some of it's former majesty and beauty. . .

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  1. They are both beautiful bridges! I have seen the first one but am yet to see the one in Arizona. Maybe one day!

    Best wishes and happy Wednesday,

  2. I think I prefer the background on the first photo. They are both majestic.

  3. My fair lady....

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Beautiful photos of two fantastic bridges. Thank you for stopping to visit me.

  5. Thanks for sharing those photos...I have never been to either of those places so it's great to "see" them through your eyes. I have never been also to the "Outdoor Wednesday" blog party...that IS someplace I can visit...so thanks for mentioning that you are linking to it . I had been looking for a place to post some pics of my morning glories.

  6. I can remember someone purchasing the London Bridge, hade it brought to the U.S.A. and put it back piece by piece. What a project! It looks lovely in both places.
    Joyce M