Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ella's Photo Shoot. . .

My turn baby sitting the grands. . .Mom and Dad had a weekend away!   Ella who is 4 was our photographer and she did a great job with grandma's phone.   I now have about twenty pictures of Kate, Oz (the grand-dog), and her dolls.  She actually did a fair job of centering,  and positioning her subjects.  I think she has had some practice!  Kate is talking more all the time and she is just adorable!  They grow up so fast. . .


  1. Oh my!!!! If you had the grands, you were busy.
    She is a photographer! Just like grammmmsss

  2. I just took a turn, the Mom is great at organising and she had a sitter for most of the time! It was fun they are good little
    girlies. . .the dog wellllll not so much sometimes!

  3. Hey fun to see your cute pictures. Those girlies are adorable.