Monday, August 27, 2012

Montana Geography Lesson. . .

It's been a long time since we've studied much geography. . .

but today we drove to Montana to see the Louis & Clark Caverns.
They had benches along the hiking trail just in case you wanted to 
take in the view for a few minutes! 
( really we were hot and tired)
We hiked up a mountain about a mile or so. . .not too steep.
(I didn't dare complain, there was a women carrying a 4 week old baby and quite a few little kids)!

After hiking up the mountain, we went inside a Cave with lots of Caverns inside.
Our 'tour guide' told us to beware of bats flying around
inside and he also told us about the Stalagtites and Stalagmites we would be seeing 
inside the Caverns.
(It's been awhile since I've studied those so I wasn't sure which was which)
There were some really amazing formations and the 
bats didn't seem to be interested in us.
(I'll admit I was a little creeped out about the Bats!!!)
It was just a day trip and really very interesting. . .I'm glad we took the 
time to go check it out!
(I think I'd stay home if I had a 4 week old baby and kiddos under 5 though).


  1. You are adventuresome. I would have turned around when they said the word BAT!!!!

    However, your pictures are lovely and I have no idea what staglagamitdideish things were which either.

  2. We need to get up there again. It has been years. Love your pictures.