Tuesday, May 5, 2009


UTAH STYLE AND DESIGN'S spring issue listed 15 ways to help you decide if your decor is outdated!!! And just for the record I was guilty of more 'decorating faux pas' than I care to count. Here is the list. . .
1. Matching sets of furniture. . .Their experts rarely use more than 2 matching pieces in a room.
2. Overly coordinated fabrics . .Matchy, matchy everything is soooooo out!
3. Silk ficus trees. . .They prefer fresh living plants instead.
4. Burgundy, hunter green, and navy blue. . .I always thought if you kept it long enough it would come back in but with a different name.
5. Wallpaper "borders". . .wallpaper maybe. . but 'nix nix' on the borders!
6. Distressed finishes and forced antiquity. . .No more taking a chain to distress the furniture.
7. Overly patterned granite. . .If it makes you dizzy to look at, it's out!
8. Silk plants, baskets and stuffed roosters on cabinet tops. . .Just a few simple items or nothing, ditch the dust-collectors.
9. Faux finishes. . .Ouch!!!I still love the old-world finishes if not overdone! The experts say "no muddy tones" allowed.
10. Giant eucalyptus wreath above the fireplace. . .They say and I quote: "It's just wrong".
11. Tiebacks, balloon shades and heavy drapery. . .Natural woven blinds.
12. Vanity bar lights with large light bulb balls. . .Opt for recessed lighting or sconces.
13. Wide grout joints. . .Only if your doing 'old world'. Too hard to keep clean.
14. Bedspreads. . .Comforters and duvet covers, much more plush and practical.
15. Upholstery with bun feet and rolled arms. . .Straight legs and clean lines!
* So there is the list, I just hope the 'Decor Police' don't show up at our house anytime soon!!! But then it's not really that I'm married to any of these 'style stutters', it's just that I'm sort of stuck with some of them. . .at least for now. . .

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  1. Those are some great do's and don'ts but you have to be happy with your decor also. Yes I do agree the wall borders and hunter green and blue are dated and silk trees too. Thanks for sharing!.