Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FeeD TheM and they will ComE RunniNg. .Outdoor Wednesday

Did someone say 'food'?
This is our local Nature Park. . .They have made it into an outdoor
recreation area, complete with walking and bike paths, fishing, and picnic shelters.
You can have an 'outdoor nature experience' without leaving the city limits!
Kids love it because there are ducks and geese that will literally eat out of your hand!
In fact they are so socialized, that when you pull into the parking area near the lake, and get out of your vehicle, they flock to you, honking loudly as they come begging for food. . . It didn't take them long to 'get' the free handout idea!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sponsored by A Southern Daydreamer!


  1. Enjoyed your duck showing today. We have a park like this and I take my great grandson to feed the ducks. They can scare you though, even I got scared. One was chasing after me.

  2. So cute:) and fun.
    Wonderful outdoor.


  3. we often feed the ducks at our park it is so much fun

  4. Lovely photos of the park. Nothing like a fall day in the park with your little ones.

    I'm glad that you visited.

  5. That looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

  6. The park is just lovely, but the children are beautiful :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  7. That's pretty neat there are so many different types of ducks. Ducks are fun to watch.

  8. How cute ! It looks like they are well feed !

  9. Oh, those are some happy memories you are making.

    I remember my parents taking us to "feed the ducks" at the local duck pond, we did the same when we had children.

    Simple pleasures are the best, yes? :)

  10. How lucky you are to have such a lovely park close by. Those ducks learn quick don't they!