Sunday, October 25, 2009

Front Door Theory. . .

What does your front door say about you?
Are you creative, fun, colorful, elegant, or maybe,
like me, mostly a work in progress?
Sometimes mine says, "I've been a little neglected"!
Our front door is one of the 1st statements we can make to the rest
of the world about
our personalities and who we are!
I enjoy looking at other blogs and pictures of various ways
you have made your front entryways and doors inviting and so YOU!
I'm always intrigued with the styles and types of doors people choose.
Probably the most important element. . .even in the most humble circumstances,
should be all about the 'Welcoming Factor'.
At least that's my personal Front Door Theory!
Thank-you for sharing your ideas and talents and comments
Thanks to A Southern Daydreamer for hosting


  1. Gorgeous mosaic!
    I like the red and the last one.
    Have a nice week.

  2. Red seems to be one of the favorite colors, it's certainly a happy color!

  3. Love the doors! I would love a red front door but alas hubby didn't want a red one so we settled for a black one :)


  4. Great collection! Love all the colors!

    I've entered a little contest about color. Would you please vote for me today - you only have 24 hours. Just go to the link below. Thanks so much!
    xo xo

  5. Oh what a great collection of doors you have for your mosaic. I don't know which one I would pick as a favorite, very nice!

  6. Great mosaic of such beautiful doors! My door says, I need to be refinished. It is an old wood door, really pretty, but in bad need of sanding and varathaning, I think. Hugs, Cindy S.

  7. What a wonderful collage. Thanks for sharing the doors with us. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  8. Love the doors...they all have their own character.

  9. I love front doors! I like the bottom right. I've always wanted a rounded front door. It reminds me of the entrance to a castle where they let the draw bridge down! Gee is that too much to ask for?? LOL
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday : )

  10. I love your doors mosaic. Especially the top left and top right. Right now, my poor door is probably screaming that I am neglectful. Too many other projects ahead of it right now.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    ~ Tracy

  11. How wonderful! Of course I'm drawn to the RED one, but I can't help loving that chippy blue one, too. :) Thanks for sharing at MM. :)