Friday, December 3, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday and the Magic of Christmas Lights

Magical Star!
Doesn't this street look so romantic, with it's white
Christmas lights and snow covered walkway?
I liked this idea so much I tried replicating. . .
Mine didn't turn out quite like this but
I tried !
White lights and ribbon, snowflakes, clear bulbs
so pretty!
Who can ignore the magic of trees all wrapped in lights
and a carpet of fresh snow!
(I hope you enjoyed these images of Christmas lights captured by various photographers)
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  1. I am in love with your photos of lights. That first one takes your breath away!!!

  2. I must say, I still prefer the Florida winter, but it can't compare with the beauty of that--until it starts to thaw! What gorgeous pictures!

  3. A beautiful post of lovely holiday lights.

  4. Lovely photos. That bicycle was so cute. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  5. Wonderful photos!! That first one was awesome...I want to be there!!

  6. this is so beautiful! It is truly a winter wonderland! Where is this street? I love it! I just love Christmas sparkle!

  7. the bike is the best!