Friday, January 28, 2011

HeLp My Paperwhites are 'PICKLED'. . .MET MONDAY

It's been quite a looong winter, it started very early!
I'm not complaining because we need the moisture.
But, "just sayin"
After the holidays, and one month into the New Year
I'm sorta over winter!
On a trip to a local nursery during the holidays,
I picked up some Paperwhite bulbs, thinking they would make a
great gift for a friend that loves gardening!
Long story short,
 I put them away and
just found them a few weeks ago, oops!
(Anyone else hide things from yourself?)
Not wanting them to rot and be wasted, I decided to start them.
Besides it might be therapeutic to try
 some indoor gardening. . .
The lady at the nursery said they didn't need to be planted in soil,
just stick them in a container. . .
Add some pebbles and water and put them
in a semi-dark room for a week or so!
(sounds easy enough, I can do this)
And then here's the magic elixir. . .She told me as soon as the bulb has shoots growing that are about
3-4 inches long, mix 1 part alcohol and 7 parts water. . .
( They don't like beer or wine, it's too sugary.  They like the hard stuff)
And this little cocktail  is supposed to keep
the Paperwhites from gettin all tall and spindly!
Well I musta bought some 'light weights'
because mine got all 'tipsy' and fallin outta the vase!
They do have happy little faces though!!!!
Has anyone ever heard of this before?

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  1. Hey Girlie !
    I love these !!! And NO Dirt ? I might have to give them a whirl sometime! Thanks for stopping by :o) Gone a few months and there are so many new bloggers and changes!
    Hugs ,

  2. I have done this as well, and mine were tipsy too. They say it is because they need more light so I tied a piece of rafia around the stems to help them stay up and it looked great. Thanks for you nice comments, your paperwhites are beautiful!

  3. I love these flowers! So pretty!

  4. wow NO never tried it or heard of it but for sure! I will! these are such a fun surprise and treat and what a wonderful gift for a neighbor, just for fun!

  5. Lovely, great idea!! Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend! XOXO ~Liz

  6. wow I want to try this, they are beautiful.